RISE Hybrid Membership

The perfect blend of private coaching specific to your needs along with the community accountability of group membership.

The RISE Hybrid Membership is the best of both worlds, perfectly blending the focused attention and guidance of a 1-on-1 coach with the community and accountability of the group atmosphere.  Hybrid memberships include at least one private coaching session per week to focus on your specific goal areas.  Throughout the rest of the week you’ll take what you are learning and apply it in the group sessions for accelerated growth.

RISE Hybrid Membership

The community of group class blended with 1-on-1 attention to reach your goals

Rise Hybrid Full Program (4) 60 min. sessions + Unlimited Group Class *$380/mo. + tax
Rise Hybrid Skill Program (4) 30 min. sessions + Unlimited Group Class *$280/mo. + tax

Covey Rise Hybrid Program is a perfect option for those who like the community of group classes and also want some additional focused time to meet their specific goals. One full (60 min.) or skill-session (30min.) per week in addition to unlimited group classes throughout the week.

*Owner rates. For member rates, add $25 to either package.


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