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We want to hear about what you envision for the best version of yourself. whether that means coming up with an plan or just being able talk through issues.


We will work with you to chart out where you want go, design a plan, and put into motion everything needed in order get there.


It's as simple as choosing your class times, carving out that time for what's important and showing up. From there, we make it easy!



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John Doe
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CrossFit Covey IS WHERE Wenatchee GETS FIT!
151 Easy Way Suite 100 Wenatchee Washington 98801


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Kyle Garrett


Kyle loves CrossFit, and especially loves to coach it! He started CrossFit for the first time in 2019 and instantly fell in love.  He has an extensive coaching background, with experience primarily in football and baseball.

Kyle enjoys everything outdoors, and is particularly passionate about helping people realize their fitness goals, and he looks forward to helping you out! “Lets go!”


NASM 2014


Michelle Reid


Michelle started CrossFit in 2014 while living in Ellensburg, WA. She recently moved to the area in 2020, and is very excited for a new CrossFit community here in town.

Michelle played team sports throughout high school including volleyball, basketball and track, as well as coaching these sports for some of the youth programs in her community. Her focus will be on developing the CrossFit Kids program and strength and conditioning programs for young athletes.

Michelle’s CrossFit coaching journey has just begun, and she is looking forward to getting to know many people in the Wenatchee Valley, especially with some of the group fitness activities such as mountain biking, skiing and paddle boarding!


K-12 Physical Education and School Health
 CPR 2020

Adam Vognild


A lifelong local of Wenatchee, Adam co-owned the Inner Circle Gym with Cathy Covey for over 10 years.  During that time he worked with thousands of people.  He believes in training with a goal in mind, doing the best you can for the day you are in and to remember that small consistent actions done over time can equate to big accomplishments in all aspects of life. He is passionate about fitness, and believes that achieved fitness and wellness goals translate into confidence in all other aspects of our lives.

Adam has relied on physical and mental training both in and out of the gym to achieve his goals in the mountains as an accomplished alpine rock climber, ski mountaineer, mountain biker and trail runner. He has explored, climbed, and backcountry skied in all of the major mountain ranges in the west.  

Outside of the gym he is involved as a field team leader and board member of Chelan County Mountain Rescue as well as a contributing board member of Wenatchee Outdoors.  He is also passionate about eating good locally sourced food.  Locally, you might find him playing outdoors in some fashion with his lady Meadow and their two dogs, Fred and Maggie.


CF L1 2009
 Gym Jones Level 1 Fundamentals 2009
 HKC Kettlebell Certification 2010
 Precision Nutritional Level 1 2019
The Ready State Level 1 Movement and Mobility Certification 2020

Sarah Barkley


As far as I can remember I’ve been more interested in sport and athletics than anything else.  Growing up, I played as many sports as possible and continued doing so until college.  I’m a proud University of Montana Grizzly where I went to compete in Track and Field.  My main events were the 400m hurdles and the 400m, while I also competed in the heptathlon and several relays.

After graduating college in International Business, I tried my hand at a handful of jobs, while also completing a couple of personal training certifications so I could keep my focus in not only personal development, but using my knowledge and passion to help others achieve their goals.

Moving to Wenatchee took both my career and sport a different direction.  As the Apple Capital of the World, it was only a matter of time before I found myself immersed in the business of selling the worlds best apples, pears and cherries; which is what I still do today.  My sport also quickly evolved, this time into competing full time in triathlon. During this time, I also became a USAT coach and worked with several athletes to chase down their triathlon goals.

This was my path for over 10 years until I was ready for a change and found CrossFit.  With every year, I find myself more and more passionate about the sport of CrossFit and the community that stands behind it.  As my love for the sport has grown, so too has my drive to help people achieve their goals.  Creating possibility within every athlete is why I love coaching and I can’t wait to continue passing that on!


CrossFit Level 1
 NCI Nutrition Coach
 ACE Certified Personal Trainer
 NASM Certified Trainer
 USAT Level 1 Coach

Adam Vandebrake

Director of Finance/Treasurer/Coach

Adam is a former athlete who started CrossFit to push himself and test the limits of his  body and his mind. Over the years, what started as a way to get in better shape became a way of life. CrossFit is more than just a workout style, it prepares a person for life outside the gym. For Adam, CrossFit has allowed him to improve his fitness so that he can be better prepared for the many outdoor activities that are his true passion. When he is not in a box, he is out hunting, fishing, hiking or camping.


 CrossFit L1
Working Against Gravity (WAG) Certified Nutrition Coach

Noah McCurdy

Head Coach

Growing up (born and raised in Wenatchee) I was always passionate about sports, but didn’t care for strength and conditioning. I grew up playing most sports and then transitioned to just basketball and baseball in high school. I ended up sticking with baseball after that and played at WVC and CWU in college. Even though I played sports, I didn’t realize (almost discounted) the importance of exercise till my early 20s. Strength was hard to keep, (so I thought) so I would workout for awhile then give up. I found CrossFit in 2011 and didn’t look back. I was motivated by the clock and the community around me. CrossFit made me stronger, faster, and well balanced: all which improved my ability to play sports. Variety is what I enjoy the most about CrossFit because each movement presents its own unique challenge. My favorite things to do in the gym are complex gymnastics and Olympic lifting. I’ve been coaching CrossFit for close to 10 years; 4 of them as a head coach and programmer. I relish the opportunity to help anyone reach their goals regardless of experience level. It’s very rewarding helping people in their own unique fitness journey and I’m glad to have the opportunity to help them! 


 CrossFit L1
Working Against Gravity (WAG) Certified Nutrition Coach

Lindsey Weidenbach


My journey into health and wellness began at a very young age. Both of my parents ran marathons and instilled in our family a deep connection between fitness and health. My Mom and aunt were fitness instructors in our hometown, teaching step aerobics, jazzercise, boxing, cycling, yoga, and various other classes. I practically grew up in a gym! I played a lot of different sports growing up, but my love was in dance and gymnastics. During college at Gonzaga University, I was selected for the cheerleading squad and was the captain my senior year. Like a lot of former college athletes, I spent my mid-20’s yearning for competition and sport. This led me to CrossFit. I have my Level 1 coaching certification through CrossFit.  I am also a Working Against Gravity (WAG) certified nutrition coach.


 CrossFit L1
Working Against Gravity (WAG) Certified Nutrition Coach

Kim Larson


Certified PT NASM since 2007 and L1 CrossFit since 2018. I absolutely love the art of fitness! I love it even more when I see others conquer their goals & completely surprise themselves. When I’m not encouraging our members to do another burpee, I love hanging with my family, Fiona (my fur baby) & exploring this beautiful earth! Outside of working out, my favorite escape is going & seeing how others around the world live out their everyday lives


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Jorge Villasenor

Coach/Board Member

Jorge was introduced to CrossFit through his wife, Morgan, in 2013. From the start, he was hooked on both the structure and community CrossFit provided. Two things he was looking for after high school sports.

His favorite moves are the classic Olympic Lifts: Clean & Jerk and Snatches.

Current goal is to get back on the train with health and fitness after gym closures happened.

Fun fact: His first job was picking cherries at 7 years old and he’s worked in agriculture ever since!


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Faith Larson


Faith got into CrossFit around 2020 when her mom owned an affiliate, CrossFit 791. She started going once or twice a week, and then more frequently once she started to build more endurance and love the sport. These days you can find her there 5-6 days a week!

Her favorite workouts are short, quick AMRAPs and anything with box jump overs.

Current goal is to increase endurance in preparation for CanWest games this summer and 150# squat clean.

Fun fact: Faith has been a competitive swimmer for most of her  life and has competed at state the past 4 years as part of a relay.


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Amanda Paine


Amanda’s superpower is her positivity – it shines bright here at the gym!
Amanda got into CrossFit when looking for a new way to workout. “I had been doing the same lifting and cardio for years and was getting burnt out. Not moving isn’t an option for me after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 22. It only takes one good workout to change my outlook and improve my quality of life. With CrossFit I found a whole community of people who inspire me to rethink what is possible for someone like me with an autoimmune disease.”
Her favorite movement is the snatch. There is always something you can improve, even if it’s only a little bit better every time you attempt it. There is nothing more empowering than lifting a barbell over your head!
Current goal: Rope Climbs and Box Jumps. It’s taken her years to trust her grip enough to be able to climb a rope and jump with two feet at once onto a box. She’s had a few M.S. attacks on her limbs that make those things extra challenging.
Fun Fact: She earned a brown belt in Taekwondo at the age of 13.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Alix Whitener

Board Member

I have been in the fitness industry for 20+ years. I have a passion for helping others be the best they can be physically, mentally, and spiritually. One thing I can guarantee is that this place is like no other. I often tell my coaches that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. CrossFit Templum embodies that day in and day out. We want you to be the best you you can be. When you get with the right people, in the right place, at the right time, miracles can and will happen. What are you waiting for? Come join the Templum Family. You won’t regret it.


CrossFit Level 3 Certification
 Bachelors in Exercise Science, Master in Kinesiology, USA Weightlifting, CrossFit Kids, Adaptive CrossFit, Precision Nutrition, Cenegenics Nutrition


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