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What is the backstory behind the name CrossFit Covey?

Cathy Covey was a gifted teacher, coach, wife, mother, grandmother, fitness icon, and a friend and mentor to many throughout NCW. The legacy of her huge smile, giver’s heart, and incredible passion for bringing people together impacted all of the lives of our founding member owners.

We set out to build on the community she loved; that would live, breathe, and uphold the values she carried. Together we would build upon the legacy she left us. She often signed her name, C2. This too will be a moniker of referral for the gym as we build our brand and remember our special friend. With the expressed permission & blessing of her family, we are proud to be CrossFit Covey, C2.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. While many think of CrossFit as a very difficult endeavor, the truth is CrossFit is designed to be the most accessible form of fitness available, no matter their starting point. All movements can be scaled and altered to fit the unique needs and goals of each individual, with the help and guidance of coaches to keep you moving safely.

Do I need to get in shape before joining the gym?

No! CrossFit is designed to progress our members on their journey to feel their best physically and mentally. We are here to continually challenge you, and one of the best things about CrossFit is that it is always scalable. Every WOD can be modified. Our goal is to get you fit faster than you would on your own. By modifying your workouts through weight and movements chosen, you will get a high intensity, great workout, that will keep you safe and healthy and ensure the best hour of your day!

Can I follow my own routine/program? Is there open gym?

We are a teaching gym, with an excellent staff of qualified coaches to help you reach your goals through group classes and private coaching options. We are excited to provide this service to help guide our members on their fitness journey.
With that said, open gym time is available throughout the day for those who aren’t able to attend during class times, or for those who would like to follow their own routine. During scheduled class time, the coach and participants have full priority of space and equipment in the execution of that class.
For members who aren’t able to attend during class but want to follow the workout of the day (WOD), they will be able to access the workout as well as tips and tricks via their mobile device, any time of the day.

Why is your gym more expensive than other gyms?

Unlike many other gyms, we are a teaching gym of supportive, qualified coaches tasked with partnering with you to reach your goals. Quality coaching is of paramount importance to our gym, and with that time and expertise comes additional expense. The great news is, with a Co-op, our goal is to keep our profit margin just high enough to provide the excellent services our members desire. With no one livelihood on the line with profits, it allows us to move our rates at the discretion of the elected Board of Directors in any direction to fulfill the desires of the whole. We will only ever operate at a margin just above our operating costs + reserve to ensure the long term viability of the gym our members call home.