Cooperative Owner Fee

One-time fee to become a vested owner with voting rights and access to lower rate for services.

$300 one-time fee

Become an owner of Wenatchee’s only cooperative gym, owned and operated by its members, for its members.  Ownership does not carry any liability, but rather the opportunity to be a part of guiding the gym and its services to best suit the needs and desires of the members.

$300 is one time fee.

Crossfit/Group Class Rates

*Owner Rate $100/mo. + tax
Member Rate $125/mo. + tax

CrossFit and Group Classes, to include SeniorFit are included in the unlimited membership for both owners and members.

*Lower owner rates accessible following payment of one-time owner fee of $300.

RISE Hybrid Membership

The community of group class blended with 1-on-1 attention to reach your goals

Rise Hybrid Full Program (4) 60 min. sessions *$380/mo. + tax
Rise Hybrid Skill Program (4) 30 min. sessions *$280/mo. + tax

Covey Rise Hybrid Program is a perfect option for those who like the community of group classes and also want some additional focused time to meet their specific goals. One full (60 min.) or skill-session (30min.) per week in addition to unlimited group classes throughout the week.

*Owner rates. For member rates, add $25 to either package.

SeniorFit 55+

CrossFit custom tailored for our seniors looking for health and longevity focused programming.

SeniorFit 55+ Owner Rate $80/mo. + tax
SeniorFit 55+ Member Rate $105/mo. + tax

SeniorFit  55+ is custom tailored to the fitness and longevity needs of our senior fitness enthusiasts.  Classes are three days per week, and those who opt for this program have availability for open gym as well throughout the week.  *Must be 55 years of age or older to join.

Owner rates are accessible only after full payment of $300 cooperative owner fee.

Private Coaching

Full 60 min. session $80
Skill development-30 min. session $55
Private Coaching Gym Access-Owner Rate $35/mo.
Private Coaching Gym Access-Member Rate $60/mo.
Working 1-on-1 with a coach is the quickest way to the results you want. When you sign up for personal training with us, you’re signing up for custom coaching specifically curated for your current fitness level and journey.

Session Rates are consistent for owners & members alike. We recommend booking at least 1 session per week for a consistent period (3-5 months) for best results. For those only seeking private coaching access to the gym, rates are below. ,

Add-On Unaccompanied Access

Unaccompanied Access $25/mo. + tax

Members who opt for add-on service will be assigned a unique keypad code.  Inquire with a staff member about adding this service on at any time.