Private Coaching

Private coaching is completely custom one-on-one coaching for your specific goals

Working 1-on-1 with a coach is a great way reach your goals. Private Coaching is a completely customized approach to reach your goals. Our coaches will track your progress over the course of your sessions and help you to crush your goals day-after-day!

Private Coaching

60 min. session $80 each*
30 min. session $55 each*
Working 1-on-1 with a coach is the quickest way to the results you want. When you sign up for personal training with us, you’re signing up for custom coaching specifically curated for your current fitness level and journey.

Session Rates are consistent for owners & members alike. We recommend booking at least 1 session per week for a consistent period (3-5 months) for best results. For those only seeking private coaching access to the gym, rates are below.

You deserve to feel confident and strong in your body.

At Crossfit Covey we focus on real, long-term results.

Whether you want to keep up with the kids, rock a new swimsuit, or even just carry the groceries in by yourself — our goal is to give everyone the freedom of independent fitness for life.

For us, fitness is about community and the commitment to working hard for permanent changes that you can be proud of. Our coaches go through rigorous training to help every member improve their quality of life no matter when they decide to start.

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