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Our on-ramp program will help you get started safely, at your pace, aimed directly at your goals.
Get Started

Our on-ramp program will help you get started at your own pace with our welcoming community and certified coaches.

On-Ramp Features:

  • No Sweat Introduction
  • Four One-on-One sessions guided by a coach and curriculum to make sure you’re ready to safely take advantage of the gym and CrossFit classes.

* The on-ramp experience is designed to meet your needs, get started on your goals, and answer all your questions so you feel both safe and comfortable jumping in to your fitness chapter with us.  The timeline for introduction into the full gym environment is unique to everyone.

On Ramp Package (4 Session Pack)

1-on-1 sessions to demistify the CrossFit experience and get you kickstarted on your fitness journey.


Four progressive sessions of one-on-one attention to:

  • Introduce you to the gym, its equipment, flow and community
  • Remove the intimidation factor and get you feeling comfortable as you jump on board for your fitness journey
  • Educate you on the fundamental movements of CrossFit you’ll find in group classes
  • Prepare you for success in the group class setting and answer any lingering questions


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