Stephanie Harrott

Stephanie Harrott


  • CrossFit L1
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • WIAA Pole Vault Safety Certification


Stephanie discovered CrossFit in Western Washington in 2011, and has been hooked ever since. Not only does she love it as a medium for physical fitness, but also for the community it provides. She feels strongly that you can start your CrossFit journey at any age or stage of life, and is eager to meet clients and start them on the road to accomplishing their specific goals. On top of CrossFit, she also has coached High School Pole Vault since 2010. She’s become well versed in explaining the ins and outs of highly technical movements in a way that even young children can understand and put into practice. This skill translates well to the many movements CrossFit teaches.

Stephanie’s favorite aspects of coaching are the various forms of understanding both she and her clients stand to gain. Not only does she take pride in learning the specifics of each persons fitness journey, she enjoys helping clients gain a better understanding of themselves: body awareness, coordination, work capacity/strength, confidence, and most of all, ownership and pride over where you’re at in your specific ride! You’ll hear her say it often in her classes, but she truly believes, “We’re all on this journey together!”

Outside of the gym you’ll find Stephanie, well, outside! She’s an avid big game hunter and rock climber. While not out in the wilderness, she also works hard at home where she and her family are developing a homestead of sorts, with a large garden, a whole bunch of chickens(with other poultry coming!), and many other plans in the works to transition her family to self sustainability.

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