Sonya Chamberlain

Sonya Chamberlain


  • CrossFit L-1


I found CrossFit in my late 30s after years of distance running and chronic back pain. Without any childhood athletic background I was initially intimidated by the wide range of movements and the barbell but quickly fell in love with my first CrossFit community and the strength and confidence I gained.  I have a varied teaching background and this led me to coaching in the gym as well. I love helping athlete members, both new and experienced, to hone their skills and find success. My main career as a midwife can by physically demanding and CrossFit has provided me with the stamina and strength I need for both work and the various outdoor pursuits I love including hiking/backpacking, Nordic skiing, and keeping up with my teenagers. I have my CrossFit L1 certification as well as additional training in Olympic lifts and will gain my L2 certificate in November of 2021.

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